Does Medicare Cover Dental Services?

In this article, we are going to give you some information about Medicare dental coverage when it comes to using the Medicare insurance plans that you have. Actually, many are asking if any of the insurances you have from Medicare will help you with the expenses you need, for dental checkups and procedures. Please continue reading to learn more about Medicare Dental Coverage.
First and foremost, Medicare plan will never cover dental treatments that you require for proper health of your teeth. For instance, some of the things that are not covered by Medicare are cleanings, routine checkups, or filings. Also, the cost of dentures cannot be covered. However, when there is a need to get your tooth pulled, in a preparation for medical procedure, Medicare will still not cover for the cost of denture installation.
But there are private Medicare dental scheme health plans that can cover routine dental services. Make sure you consult your private health plan provider of a supplemental dental insurance plans and check which of the services are covered. However, if a dental procedure is sanctioned to offer protection to your general health, or for a medical procedure that is covered by Medicare to be done, the entire cost of the dental work is covered by Medicare. Among the specific dental conditions that can be covered by Medicare are:
·    When your dental system gets examined because of an impending kidney transplant or before someone’s heart valve is replaced.
·    When you are suffering from a jaw ailment and require dental treatments, which are important for radiation treatment.
·    When you had a tumor removed from your face, or had your ridge reconstructed.
·    When there was a surgery intended to treat the facial or jaw area.
·    When there is a need for wiring or jaw splints due to jaw surgery.
These initial oral care procedures may be paid for by Medicare, but any subsequent follow up will not be catered for. This is the case if the initial health condition has been fully treated. Take for instance, if the Medicare catered for the cost of tooth extraction so as to pave way for surgery of the face, due to accident, any other dental service, which may be required at a later date will not be paid for.
Furthermore, if you develop an infection after your tooth has been pulled out, or when there is a need for observation in the event of a life threatening dental condition, Medicare will cover the entire costs of hospitalizations such as boarding, x-rays, anesthesia, and more.
A private company for insurance can always provide you options for supplemental dental insurance plans, so you can choose which one will suit your needs and your budget.  Basically, if you have a PART A or PART B Medicare insurance, you cannot expect to have dental coverage. But if you consider having an advantage plan, or a supplemental plan, you can benefit from having more coverage including Medicare Dental Coverage.

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